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Newest version of PCL & Xerox Lisp (Lyric) on 1186

  When I try to compile the newest version of PCL (March 8 beta test)
under Lyric, I get the following error message while compiling

  The literal value #<Built-In-Class BIT-VECTOR 371,66060>
  would not be dumpable in a FASL file.

  It's a continuable error; I've been selecting the continuation
option "Use ...  anyway and hope for the best".  Will this work?  I
looked at the code, but didn't see anything obviously incompatible
with what I know of the compiler.
  Also, compilation is *SLOW*!  I don't know if this is due to
anything in PCL or not, but it's been compiling since 5:00 last night
and it was going until 2:30 in the morning before it hit the error.
The first few modules compiled quickly, then it hit DCODE and
everything slowed down.  Maybe this is just a slow compiler.

					Anton Rang