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IWMC-Class-p bug & make-specializable

    Date: Thu, 10 Mar 88 08:21:25 -0500
    From: Mike Thome <mthome@VAX.BBN.COM>

	    Just ran across this bug yesterday:  In the 3600 version of PCL,
    the provided definition for IWMC-CLASS-P (in 3600-low.lisp, NOT the
    defstruct-generated one in low.lisp) breaks when the function is passed
    any sort of multidimensional array.  It assumes all arrays are vectors.
    We've fixed it here by just adding an ARRAY-DIMENSIONS check, but we
    haven't tested (or looked) to see if the resulting code is still faster
    than that generated by the defstruct in low.lisp.

Hmm, could you send a test case?  When I do the following on my 3600 it
returns NIL just as it should:
  (iwmc-class-p (make-array '(10 10 10)))

	    While I'm on the subject of wishes - how 'bout a way to make
    3600 FINs printable (i.e. non-recursive print-form) that is nicer than
    setting *print-circle* (or whatever it is)???

I don't know what you mean by this.  Generic functions print out nicely
as shown in this interaction:

#<Standard-Generic-Function PRINT-OBJECT (6) 143726274>

Could you please clarify what printing behavior you would like to get.