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Version of 2 August 88

There are apparently two small bugs in this version.

1. Since compat.lisp is no longer in pcl you should take it out of the

2. Under Xerox-Lyric the fix-early-generic-functions in fixup.lisp
   tries to aref on a ptr-hunk.
   The bug seems to be inserted by the change of
   reader/writer-method-slot-name in methods.lisp. Taking the change
   back caused pcl to compile and load nicely. However, I can't tell
   for sure that everything works correct like this.

;;;; from defsys.lisp

(defsystem pcl
  ;; file         load           compile           files which      port
  ;;              environment    environment       force the of
  ;;                                               recompilation
  ;;                                               of this file
  ((rel-6-patches t              t                ()                rel-6)
  ;; ...
   (dcode-pre1   t               t                (defs low fin dcode))
   (fixup        t               t                (boot defs low fin))
   (high         t               t                (boot defs low fin))
;  (compat       t               t                ()) compat is gone!
   (7debug        t              t                ()               rel-7)

;;;; from methods.lisp:

(defmethod reader/writer-method-slot-name ((m standard-reader/writer-method))
#+:Xerox-Lyric (slot-value--class m 'slot-name)
#-:Xerox-Lyric  (slot-value m 'slot-name))