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Re: update-method-inheritance

    Date: Wed, 3 Aug 88 10:10 PDT
    From: Gregor.pa

    At the end of this message is a patch for the 8/1/88 version of PCL
    which I believe corrects all of these problems.  It should have the
    performance characteristics you want, and shouldn't have any of the
    previous bugs.  I haven't tested it, but I believe this patch can also
    be loaded into the 7/20, and perhaps even into St. Patrick's Day PCL.

I should have pointed out before that the code which has actually been
added to PCL includes some more improvments to make method loading
faster.  Specifically, it arranges for the list direct-generic-functions
to not be recomputed all the time.  I didn't include this in the patch
because it can't be patched in the same way, but it will be in the next