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new version of PCL

There is a new version of PCL available.  

It is NOT on parcvax.xerox.com.  parcvax is being decommisioned, so PCL
is going to be distributed by placing it on arisia.xerox.com.

The new version of PCL is on arisia.xerox.com in the /pcl directory.
As before, you can access that directory with username "anonymous" and
password "anonymous".  You should read the get-pcl.text file for
complete information on the contents of that directory.

The major difference between this version of PCL and the 7/20/88 version
is that the :initform for :class allocated slots is now evaluated when
the class is defined.  This is an old bug which should have been fixed a
long time ago.

The other problems with with-slots which have also been reported in the
past week are fixed in this version as well.

As usual, use, enjoy and send bug reports.