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PCL releases

I've been working with the 7/7 version. But now, although I've received no
notice that a newer PCL is available, I've seen references to the 7/20 version.

Can I get a clarification of the PCL release policy? What is the most recent
version? What future versions are currently planned? Is there a regular schedule
of releases? What's the best way to stay up-to-date? What's the plan for coming
into full CLOS conformance?

What I'm trying to do is distribute a public-domain CLOS-based system with the
necessary patches so that it will work for those users for whom PCL is the house
CLOS.  I'd prefer to target the most recent and most stable version of PCL.  I'd
prefer not to develop my own patches for CLOS conformance if these are already
planned.  I'd prefer to minimize the risk of conflicts between my patches and
those that are posted to the net in the future.  And, naturally, I'd prefer to
ship ASAP.