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Allocating Instances

In the context of keeping information with CLOS instances by using
additional fields in the iwmc-class-static-slots vector, you say that this
will not be supported:

> This trick is undocumented, and will not be supported as such by CLOS or
> in any documented way by PCL.

This technique does, however, seem to be a capability rooted in a
metaclass' inalienable right to allocate instances.  Presumably, a
metaclass can allocate instances any way it likes, as long as its slot
access mechanisms are adjusted accordingly.

Your remark seems to indicate that instance allocation will no longer be
in the realm of metaclass design. Unless I misunderstand the implication of
your statement, I'd be interested in the reasoning behind this, because I
could imagine cases in which a metaclass could benefit from customizing
the shape of instances.