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	Well, it appears that there is, indeed, some interest in UW.  I
have started the ball rolling towards getting it out to you, and I'll try
to keep you updated (non-trivial problem: UW was paid for by a governemnt
office that wants to have all distribution requests pass through IT's
hands.. I'll have to try to get some sort of exemption, or you'll all
have to send requests to The Right Person In Washington). Enough
	'fraid I dont have any real documentation other than examples in
the code (and we all know about the availability of THAT, now) - but to
give you a flavor, you can track down a copy of The Kee Manual Set
(preferrably version 3.1) and look up Common Windows.  The core of
uncommon windows is exactly the content of that manual, except that all
the main interface functions are CLOS methods and windows are CLOS
UnCommonWindow classes, with all that this implies.  There are plenty of
tools built on top of this core, but enumeration is silly at this point -
if the style of Common Windows seems useful, perhaps UnCommonWindows is
for you.  Currently the only machine it runs on is symbolix 7.1
(intellicorp hasn't said much about getting kee to run under 7.2,
although CW may or may not be a seperate product at some point).  Porting
to another machine ought to require little more than some time from a
minor CLOS magician... and *NO* black magic with window systems.  A few
of the tools also use symbolics process control stuff that should be
trivially replaced with whatever your system uses to coordinate processes
(I only use 'em to wait for something to happen).

	-mik (mthome@bbn.com)