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Problems with KCL version of 7/7/88 PCL ...

I am not sure if anyone out there is actually using the KCL version, but
I haven't heard anyone complain about the following:

1.  In kcl-patches, the line that looks like

	(unless (and (boundp '*defmacro*) *defmacro)

    generates an error about *DEFMACRO being undefined.  I chenged it to

	(unless (and (boundp '*defmacro*) *defmacro*)

2.  PCL will not compile under KCL:  when compiling FIXUP, the following se-
    ries of errors is generated:

    Compiling FIXUP...
    Compiling /s/local3/pcl/fixup.lsp.
    Error: LOAD-TIME-EVAL is invalid as a function.
    Error signalled by |(SETF CLASS-DIRECT-METHODS)|.
    Backtrace:  > eval > fix-early-generic-functions >
		  add-method-on-specializer > | (SETF CLASS-DIRECT-METHODS)|
    ; (FIX-EARLY-GENERIC-FUNCTIONS T) is being compiled.
    ;;; The form (FIX-EARLY-GENERIC-FUNCTIONS T) was not evaluated success-
    ;;; You are recommended to compile again.
    No FASL generated.
    Loading binary of FIXUP...
    Error: Cannot open the file /s/local3/pcl/fixup.o.
    Error signalled by LOAD.

    I had de-commented the definition for LOAD-TIME-EVAL in KCL-LOW, since
    the error before this was done was that LOAD-TIME-EVAL was undefined.

    This needs either a workaround for how to compile FIXUP.LSP without
    LOAD-TIME-EVAL, or LOAD-TIME-EVAL needs to be "done right", as speci-
    fied in the file.

Just out of curiosity, has no one run into these two problems?