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Re: Object-oriented window systems.

On the same topic: here at TI we've developed a system called CLUE (Common Lisp
User Interface Environment), which is an OOPS for user interface programming in
Common Lisp, based on CLOS and the X Window System (i.e. CLX). CLUE is a way to
create X applications using CLOS. CLUE is also modelled on the Xt toolkit used
by C programmers and offers the same kind of features.

A portable implementation of CLUE is now available in the public domain.  Anyone
interested may receive source code and documentation via anonymous ftp from
CSC.TI.COM, (internet address in pub/clue.tar.Z 

We encourage comments from anyone interested in Lisp user interface programming.
General comments and CLUE issue discussion should be addressed to

I'm a newcomer to this mailing list, having just begun the job of getting CLUE
working with PCL. I'm interested in anybody's thoughts on standard (or portable)
systems for UI programming in CLOS.