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object-oriented Lisp user interfaces

   Does anyone know of any good user interface
   development tools or environments written in Lisp,
   preferably Common Lisp or CLOS?

There are two systems that are built on top of X Windows.  The first is
CLX, a Common Lisp binding to the X protocol.  This allows a Common Lisp
application to use windows on an X server.  There is a freely available
implementation of this written by folks at TI and MIT that is available as
part of the X11 distribution (on expo.lcs.mit.edu).  This is written in
vanilla Common Lisp and has been ported to most common CL implementations.
Again, if you use this, you'll need a display server.  These are widely
available for UNIX boxes, and will someday soon be available on one or more
of the Lisp machines.

CLX is a low-level interface.  One attempt at providing a higher-level
interface built on top of CLX is CLUE (Common Lisp User-interface
Environment), a system being proposed by TI.  By higher-level, I mean
dealing in Lisp-Listeners, menus and scroll bars, instead of lines, windows
and fonts.  This system is based on both CLX and CLOS.  It is available on
both EXPO.LCS.MIT.EDU (/contrib/clue/) and TI.COM.  Although CLX is a
fairly stable specification and implementation, CLUE is still evolving.

A useful mailing list for those interested in window systems and user
interfaces in CL is cl-window@sail.stanford.edu.