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Re: object-oriented Lisp user interfaces

Starting from the oldest to the newest...

From UCB Picasso Group - public ftp camelot.Berkeley.EDU (

XCL 	= Common LISP Interface for X version 10.4 using foreign functions to 
	  Xlib and XMenu C libraries.

XCLOS 	= Object-oriented toolkit using XCL and PCL/CLOS.

From MIT X Consortium - public ftp expo.lcs.mit.edu:

CLX 	= Common LISP Interface for X version 11.2 reimplementing Xlib in LISP
	  and using foreign functions for network connections.

From TI - don't know where - but I have an old copy:

CLUE	= Common LISP User Environment - object-oriented toolkit-like extension
	  to CLX using PCL/CLOS.