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object-oriented Lisp user interfaces

	My group (the Vision Sciences group) is currently developing
an image proccessing package based on CLOS.  In the process of doing
this, we have developed a fairly flexible and easy-to-use (I believe)
user interface; we define a class of panes, which are our window
abstractions, and which respond to events (messages) from the window
system in which they reside.  The system has been developed on Suns,
but with an eye to porting (especially to Symbolics).  I don't think
this is exactly what you want; our system relies on some sort of
native window system; SunView, Symbolics windows, I'd like to make an
X-windows port some time too...).  But the basic notion we used was to
make a system-independent (read portable) pane class, and then, on
each type of machine, to define a subclass (like sun-pane, or X-pane)
which contains all of the system-dependent information and methods.
Then the user-interface can be manipulated at a purely portable level.
Sorry to take up so much space for so much blather, but please let me
know if you find anything else out about this -

	Mike Sokolov

P.S. I believe there exists something called CLX (or is it XCL?) which
is a lisp-based object-oriented interface to X Windows. Please correct
me if I am wrong, all you out there!