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Re: defmethod does not eval eql-specializer-forms

    Actually, the problem with EQL specifiers not being evaluated seems to have
been introduced in the St. Patricks day release.  There was a change in how the
specializers argument to load-defmethod was being generated between the
Valentines and St. Patricks day releases that broke things.  Since I don't have
my sources handy right now I can't give you a precise fix, but roughly:

  (defmethod foo ((a (eql 'x))) ...)

Valentines day release, expands to

  (load-defmethod ...args...
                  (list (list 'eql 'x))   ;specializers
                  ...more args...)

St. Patricks day release, expands to

  (load-defmethod ...args...
                  '((eql 'x))             ;specializers
                  ...more args...)