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To:       (commonloops.pa@xerox.com)
From:     Nadine Sobolevitch (sobo@s66)
Date:     08 Jul 88  5:21 PM
Subject:  PCL and Symbolics ZMACS

I have been having some problems editing PCL methods in ZMACS.

1. The function record-definition in the file 3600-low is mostly
commented out, so that the method definition does not get linked
to its source file.  Was there a reason for this?  It seems to work
once I uncommented it.

2. I have a method-defining macro which uses the declaration
sys:function-parent in order to tell the editor that the method is
defined within the textual body of the macro call.  This stopped
working in St. Patrick's day PCL.

Here is a sample of code which (I believe) should work but does not:

(scl:defprop deffoo "foo maker" si:definition-type-name)

(defmacro deffoo (name)
  `(defmethod ,name ((self pcl:object))
     (declare (sys:function-parent ,name deffoo))
     (format t "~&~s" self))

(deffoo smurf)

Any attempt to edit smurf breaks with ZMACS unable to find
in the (correct) source-file; ZMACS then tries a textual search, which,
of course, fails.