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the weather is here, wish you were beautiful

Well its summer time again.  Has been for a while actually, but out here
on the west coast things move more slowly.  At this time of year, it is
traditional for many people to seek rest from their day to day worries
and obligations.  Lots of people go on vacation.

Which brings me to the real subject of my message, the vacation program.
If you don't receive your mail on a Unix machine, read no further.

I don't know much about Unix, but from what people tell me, the vacation
programs seems to be like most other Unix facilities.  It seems that it
has a switch which will make it behave reasonably, but it doesn't do this
by default.  It seems that when someone on the CommonLoops list goes on
vacation, and uses the default mode of the vacation program, an annoying
thing happens.  Specifically, everytime a message gets sent to the
CommonLoops list, I get a message from that person's machine telling me
they are on vacation.  So, if five people go on vacation for a week, and
if there are 5 messages to the CommonLoops list a day that week, I get
125 messages telling me about what a wonderful time people are having on

To make maintaining the CommonLoops list easier, and to reduce my level
of envy about other people's vacations, please be sure to use the mode
of the vacation program that arranges for it to send me only one
notification that you have gone on vacation.  I don't know, but I've
heard it said that this has something to do with the -I option.

Thanks, and have a nice vacation.