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Re: CLOS slot access

>What is the fastest way to do slot accesses in CLOS?
>We are using
>	(defclass foo ()
>  (slot1 :initform NIL)
>  ....
>  )

>(defmethod bar ((f foo))
>  (clos::with-slots* (slot1) f
>     (setf slot1 3) ; setting
>     (+ 6 slot1)    ; access

The latest CLOS specs no longer have an :accessor-prefix class-option and now
include :accessor as a slot option, as well as :reader, :writer and other slot
related stuff.  Therefore, you would use:
	(defclass foo ()
		  ((slot1 :accessor slot1
			  :initform NIL)

	(defmethod bar ((f foo))

--Jeff Hartung--

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