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Does anybody have PCL running on Genera 7.2?

>Date: 20 Jun 88 14:52:26 EDT
>From: SOBO@s66.prime.com

>To:       (commonloops.pa@xerox.com)
>From:     Nadine Sobolevitch (sobo@s66)
>Date:     20 Jun 88  2:24 PM
>Subject:  Does anybody have PCL running on Genera 7.2?


>I have encountered a number of problems in trying to get PCL (St.
>Patrick's Day version) working with Symbolics Genera 7.2:

>1. The file "Rel-7-2-patches.lisp" contains a number of format strings

>2. After worked around problem number 1, I was able to compile pcl (using
>pcl::compile-pcl).  It seems to work fine after being compiled.  However,
>after I booted the machine and tried to load pcl (using pcl::load-pcl), I
>found that pcl was completely broken; any operation leads to the trap:
>  Trap: the second argument given to the ZL:MEMQ instruction,
	<Table 60/120 115110116>, was not a cons, or NIL.
>This trap is entered recursively, over and over.

I have been complaining about this problem for a while now. The only answer I
got was something like: 

It is runing here on 7.2...

I did not have time to spend trying to fix this problem (which is pretty
anoying because you have to reboot the Lisp Machine) so I gave up. But if
anybody around can tell us what's wrong with St Patricks Day release on Lisp
Machine it would be very kind.

Thanks in advance.