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To:       (commonloops.pa@xerox.com)
From:     Nadine Sobolevitch (sobo@s66)
Date:     20 Jun 88  2:24 PM
Subject:  Does anybody have PCL running on Genera 7.2?


I have encountered a number of problems in trying to get PCL (St.
Patrick's Day version) working with Symbolics Genera 7.2:

1. The file "Rel-7-2-patches.lisp" contains a number of format strings
where the last character in the string is a back-slash, as in the
following code fragment:
   (SYS:ERROR "Skip compiling form ~2,2\COMPILER:SHORT-S-FORMAT\" FORM)
Since the reader macro of the back-slash disables the reader macro of
the double-quote, the reader never reads the second double-quote.  I
worked around this by adding a space just before the second double-quote.

2. After worked around problem number 1, I was able to compile pcl (using
pcl::compile-pcl).  It seems to work fine after being compiled.  However,
after I booted the machine and tried to load pcl (using pcl::load-pcl), I
found that pcl was completely broken; any operation leads to the trap:
  Trap: the second argument given to the ZL:MEMQ instruction,
    <Table 60/120 115110116>, was not a cons, or NIL.
This trap is entered recursively, over and over.

I am including the defsystem form from my version of "defsys.lisp" in
the hope that somebody can tell me if I'm loading any wrong files.

One other piece of information: The machine I'm running on is a
Symbolics 3640 with microcode 3640-xsq-mic.mic.420 (extended sequencer
microcode for use with Prolog).

(defsystem pcl
  ;; file         load           compile           files which      port
  ;;              environment    environment       force the of
  ;;                                               recompilation
  ;;                                               of this file
  ((rel-6-patches t              t                ()                rel-6)
   (rel-7-2-patches t              t                ()                rel-7)
   (ti-patches    t              t                ()                ti)
   (pyr-patches   t              t                ()                pyramid)
   (xerox-patches t              t                ()                xerox)

   (pkg          t               t                ())
   (walk         (pkg)           (pkg)            ())
   (macros       (pkg walk)      (pkg walk)       ())
   (low          (pkg walk)      (pkg macros)     (macros))

   (3600-low     (low)           (low)            (low)            Symbolics)
   (lucid-low    (low)           (low)            (low)            Lucid)
   (Xerox-low    (low)           (low)            (low)            Xerox)
   (ti-low       (low)           (low)            (low)            TI)
   (vaxl-low     (low)           (low)            (low)            vaxlisp)
   (kcl-low      (low)           (low)            (low)            KCL)
   (excl-low     (low)           (low)            (low)            excl)
   (cmu-low      (low)           (low)            (low)            CMU)
   (hp-low       (low)           (low)            (low)            HP)
   (gold-low     (low)           (low)            (low)            gclisp)
   (pyr-low      (low)           (low)            (low)            pyramid)
   (coral-low    (low)           (low)            (low)            coral)

   (fin          t               t                (low))
   (defs         t               t                (macros))
   (boot         t               t                (defs fin))
   (slots        t               t                (boot defs low fin))
   (mki          t               t                (boot defs low fin))
   (defclass     t               t                (boot defs low fin))
   (std-class    t               t                (boot defs low fin))
   (braid1       t               t                (boot defs low fin))
   (fsc          t               t                (boot defs low fin))
   (methods      t               t                (boot defs low fin))
   (combin       t               t                (boot defs low fin))
   (dcode        t               t                (defs low fin))
   (dcode-pre1   t               t                (defs low fin dcode))
   (fixup        t               t                (boot defs low fin))
   (high         t               t                (boot defs low fin))
   (compat       t               t                ())

   (7debug        t              t                ()               rel-7)