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Re: Space and Garbage

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  Date: Mon, 13 Jun 88 14:18:43 CDT
  From: "M. V. LaPolla" <CS.LAPOLLA@r20.utexas.edu>
  Subject: Space and Garbage
  To: commonloops.pa@xerox.com
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  I am using CLOS for a very large project. Many
  objects are created for this project. The application 
  indexes objects in a hash table. When an application "object"
  is deleted this means that the slot in the hash table referencing
  the CLOS object is deleted. The CLOS object, however, is not.
  I am worried about space. Does CLOS garbage collect an if
  so what are the criteria for garbage. If it does not GC
  how may I delete a CLOS object and free up the space?

PCL does not do any garbage collecting, as it expects the underlying
lisp to provide it.  If you want your objects GC'd make sure no other
object references them.

On a lisp machine with ephemeral GC, if the objects are long lived,
they may pass through the Ephermeral GC, so you may want to play with
its parameters a bit.