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Keywords in make-instance?

   Date: 27 May 88 17:05 PDT
   From: Danny Bobrow <Bobrow.pa@xerox.com>

       Make-instance takes keyword arguments like this:

	  (make-instance 'class :key1 arg1 :key2 arg2 ...)

       It could take ordinary symbols instead of keywords like this:

	  (make-instance 'class 'key1 arg1 'key2 arg2 ...)

   Common Lisp does not specify that a keyword argument MUST come from the keyword
   package.  They only do so by default.  The keyword arguments for make-instance
   obey thi same rule.


This was my interpretation as well.  However, CLtL, does not
explicitly say that the &key keyword can come from any package.  At
least one vendor, (Lucid 2.04), restricts function lambda list &key
keywords to being in the keyword package.


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