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CLOS bug

In trying to compile CLOS on a Symbolics 3640, I have encountered two problems
in the file BOOT.LISP, function expand-defmethod-body-internal, in the 
flet form for walk-function.
	1) In the parameter list, the function has three parameters
	   and one aux parameter - yet the function walk-form only provides
	   two. (I have tried making env optional with a default of env).
	2) the fifth clause in the cond is triggered in the compilation of 
	   (defmethod-setf method-class) in the file METHODS, it calls the
	   function variable-class which in turn calls variable-declaration
	   which is undefined.

I need these things to be fixed!  It is, to say the least, aggravating
to find these bugs when I read in the notes that the system is up and running
at Xerox.  We (at 3M) would really like to do some rigorous testing of CLOS,
but are on the verge of giving up!  I have written twice before, but have
received no response, and I am about at the end of my tolerance.  I realize
that this is not a supported product, but a little help will be greatly 

By the way, I am using the St. Patrick's Day 1988 version of CLOS.

Thanks in advance for any and all help -

Martin Kenner

P.S.  Is it possible to get a copy of the list of those who are also
working on CLOS?