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Re: clos in 7.2

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  Date:     Fri, 20 May 88 11:13:22 EDT
  From:     Jim Kelly <jkelly@vax.bbn.com>
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  Subject:  clos in 7.2
  A few weeks ago when we were discussing some clos/7.2 bugs
  gregor@xerox said alot of the hacks written to get it to
  work in 7.1 didn't work in 7.2 and to wait "a few days".
  Are we getting some new code which will fix 7.2 problems?
  Would it be good|ok|bad to start using clos/7.2 or to continue 
  waiting for something?
Unfortunately, I haven't heared anything.  Perhaps you and Rich should
try it again, so we can see how bad things really are.  Here is his
message, which gives a hint as to what the problems are:
  This message is only of interest to people who run PCL on Symbolics 36xx
  As near as I can tell, PCL doesn't work at all in 7.2.  The hacks which
  I wrote to cause the compiler to compile random top-level forms don't

This is the top-level-form SPECIAL FORM in rel-7-patches.lisp.

  work, the fixes I made to the compiler to treat #, properly don't work,

This is load-time-eval and related compiler hacks in 3600-low.lisp

  and as a result nothing really works for beans.
  I suggest that you wait at least a few days before trying to run PCL in

You should be able to play around with these files without loading all
of PCL.