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Comments on new draft chapter 1 (dated May 13 20:53)

1-12 fourth bullet: typos "an :documentation", "documentation documentation"

1-30 first bullet, also second dash bullet: These say an error is
signalled if call-next-method is called when there is no next method.
I thought we changed that to call a generic function whose name escapes
me at the moment, whose default method signals an error.

1-31 last bullet: ditto

1-35: Should the four simple mechanisms listed be augmented with
shared-initialize as a fifth bullet?

1-38 4th paragraph: maybe this should be "initialize-instance or
shared-initialize methods should be used instead."

1-39 penultimate paragraph: shared-initialize does not take three
arguments, it takes two required arguments plus a set of &key arguments.
The initialization arguments are passed as separate arguments, not as a list.

1-40 first paragraph after first three bullets: should be "whose first
parameter specializer is the class standard-object".

1-41 1st paragraph: same comment as 1-39.

1-41 last line: the parameter name is instance, not class, and the
parameter specializer is standard-object, not standard-class.

1-43 4th paragraph: There is a stray sentence fragment "the value
of the shared slot in the old class."  

1-43 6th paragraph: I think this should mention that the process can
also be triggered by an explicit call to the function make-instances-obsolete.

1-44 6th paragraph: Rather than saying update-instance-for-redefined-class
takes an &rest argument which is a list of initialization arguments, I
believe it is more correct terminology to say that it takes &key arguments
which are the initialization arguments.  The default method may receive these
with an &rest parameter, but the generic function's lambda-list says &key,
not &rest.

1-44 last paragraph: same comment as 1-39.

1-46 penultimate paragraph: same comment as 1-44 6th.

1-47 last paragraph: same comment as 1-39.

1-48 3rd paragraph: same comment as 1-44 6th.

1-48 last paragraph: same comment as 1-39.