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Re: Version of 2 August 88

    Date: Fri, 5 Aug 88 16:55:50 -0200
    From: msch@ztivax.siemens.com (M. Schneider-Hufschmidt)

    1. Since compat.lisp is no longer in pcl you should take it out of the

compat.lisp is still one of the files in PCL.  It should still be on the
/pcl directory.

    2. Under Xerox-Lyric the fix-early-generic-functions in fixup.lisp
       tries to aref on a ptr-hunk.
       The bug seems to be inserted by the change of
       reader/writer-method-slot-name in methods.lisp. Taking the change
       back caused pcl to compile and load nicely. However, I can't tell
       for sure that everything works correct like this.

This change probably won't really fix things for you.  The 8/2/88
version of PCL doesn't work in Xerox Lisp.  I suspect the next version
we release will work in Xerox Lisp though since there are people here
who are using it.