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macros defining declarations

It is necessary to have at least some support for macros which define
declarations if PCL is to be used with the current (X11R2) version of CLX,
as in CLUE.  The CLX macros which define declarations are:
declare-arglist, declare-values, declare-array, declare-funarg,
declare-bufmac, and declare-buffun.  These macros allow implementation dependencies
in declarations to be collected into one place.
For example, here is the definition of declare-funarg:

(defmacro declare-funarg (type &rest vars)
  `(declare (type ,type ,@vars)
	    (sys:downward-funarg ,@vars)))

(defmacro declare-funarg (type &rest vars)
  `(declare (type ,type ,@vars)))

>    ;;; Reason: Common-lisp allows macros to define declarations.
>    ;;;         Patch PCL to allow this also.
>A cleanup committe proposal modifies Common Lisp not to allow this.  PCL
>doesn't allow this by concious design decision.  It used to allow it and
>doesn't now.  So, I am not going to put this patch in.

Please tell me how to find out more about this proposal.