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Re: macros defining declarations

    Date: Tue, 9 Aug 88 17:47:31 EDT
    From: harrisr@turing.cs.rpi.edu (Richard Harris)

    It is necessary to have at least some support for macros which define
    declarations if PCL is to be used with the current (X11R2) version of CLX,
    as in CLUE.  The CLX macros which define declarations are:
    declare-arglist, declare-values, declare-array, declare-funarg,
    declare-bufmac, and declare-buffun.  These macros allow
    implementation dependencies in declarations to be collected into one

I won't say anything too nasty about this use of macros since I used to
do it myself.  If you say that peole programming with CLX and PCL need
this, then I guess its important for PCL to support it.  I will change
PCL to allow macros to expand into declares.

I don't have a copy of the relevant cleanup proposal, but maybe Larry
Masinter can mail one out.  My understanding is that the idea is to use
&body macros which expand into a LOCALLY with the correct declarations
instead.  Please look at this proposal and determine whether people
programming with CLX in PCL could just use this new style instead.