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:dynamic slots

This message is important reading for anyone who uses dynamic slots in
the current PCL.  This means using any of the following, or any other
interface to dynamic slots you may have found.

  :allocation :dynamic
  the default argument to slot-value-using-class

In the next release of PCL, the metaclasses standard-class and
funcallable-standard-class will not support dynamic slots.  This is
being done as one step in a process of bringing these metaclasses into
strict conformance with the CLOS specification (88-002R).

I will however be glad to implement the replacement functionality that
people need.  Please send me a brief, but fairly detailed description of
how you currently use dynamic slots.  What interfaces you use, what
behavior you are depending on etc.  I will implement a metaclass which
has this functionality and distribute it as part of all future PCL