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Re: who makes class-prototype

    Date: Wed, 17 Aug 88 15:23:05 CDT
    From: alarson@src.honeywell.com (Aaron Larson)

    About a month ago Gregor posted several versions of a message with subject
    "Re: method discrimination on persistent objects" that contained the

	(defmethod allocate-instance ((class db-class))
	  (let ((instance (call-next-method)))
	    (setf (slot-value instance 'object-id) (allocate-object-id))

    The problem is knowing whether 'allocate-object-id' is called when the
    class-prototype instace is allocated.  In my application it is imperative
    that it not be.  Hence it is necessary that CLOS specifies that
    allocate-instance is not called for the class-prototpe, or that there be
    some canonical way for an application to determine that the current call is
    to make the class-prototype.

To help me think about this, could you explain why it is, in your
application, that allocate-object-id not be called when allocating
the prototype?