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Defining classes for other predefined CommonLisp types

We are using PCL to implement an object-oriented database for use in 
robotic applications.  Requirements include "strong" type-checking and 
support for user-defined types.  I am not an expert at using PCL and so
am not sure if it is possible (or, if it is, how easy) to do some of the
things I would like.

	1) I would like to define classes for some of the other predefined
	   CommonLisp types.  What code would I have to add to accomplish
	   this (in addition to adding an appropriate element to the 
	   variable *built-in-classes* in the file high.lisp)?
	2) How involved would it be (if possible) to have the form deftype
	   create new classes?

I haven't been on the mailing list, so if similar subjects have been
addressed, I'd appreciate a pointer to them.

Doug Ruth
Robotics Laboratory
SRI International
(415) 859-3860

Mailing Address:	SRI International
			333 Ravenswood Avenue, EL286
			Menlo Park, CA 94025
ARPA Net Address:	ruth@sri-robotx.arpa