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Re: PCL Environment files for Envos lisp

I have (finally) fixed up the pcl-env files for Xerox Lisp.  There are two
files, PCL-ENV.LISP and PCL-ENV-INTERNAL.LISP, both available on arisia via ftp.
These should work in both the Lyric and Medley releases of XeroxLisp.

The file PCL-ENV-INTERNAL requires some system record definitions to be
compiled.  If you have these sources, fine.  If you don't, there is a copy of
the binary PCL-ENV-INTERNAL.DFASL on arisia, too.  Just make sure you fetch it
in binary mode.

A word about compatibility between Lyric and Medley:  The PCL-ENV.LISP file is
heavily conditionalized.  You can't load a Lyric compiled version of it into
Medley.  Also, remember that Medley compiled files can't be loaded into a Lyric
sysout.  Note that the file DEFSYS.LISP tries to deal with this when it sets up

One last thing:  While you are at it, you might as well refetch the XEROX-LOW
file, esp. if you grabbed it before the afternoon of Aug 29th.  There was a bug
that screwed up printing of instances that is fixed in the latest version.

----- sm(al)L