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Re: A PCL browser

We have a PCL "browser" running in 7.2. I think it will be shown
at one of the upcoming meetings. I'm not clear on its
legal status (i.e. whether I can give it out freely) -- as the
author, I'd like to see it in circulation, but the legal
department here may have other ideas. (we also have a fix
for the Inspector which makes pcl objects reasonably inspectable)

Likewise, we have an implementation of Conditions written in pcl,
which may be useful until some such facility is made part of
Common Lisp.

Finally, we have a version of method combination definition (and
uses of it to define all of the predefined combination types in
Flavors). I believe that Gregor's PCL will have its own version
of this soon (if it doesn't already). Ours may be useful in the

Again I should stress that I'm not sure I can give away any
of this, but if people are interested, I'll check it out with
the appropriate people here.

Richard Shapiro/RSHAPIRO@BBN