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[clagett@cs.unc.edu: PCL/CommonLoops newest version]

Does this address exist??


Date: Mon, 12 Sep 88 15:49:18 
From: William Clagett <clagett@cs.unc.edu>
To: lew@cs.unc.edu
Subject: PCL/CommonLoops newest version

	Sorry about that last one ... tried to do something outside of
GNUEmacs and screwed it up.

	I'm trying to figure out how to get my hands on the latest version of 
PCL that works with LUCID.  I've tried to contact CommonLoops@xerox.com
but keep getting "Connection refused" messages.  Please let me know if there
is another place to get it from (maybe you?) or if there is another e-mail 
address to work with.

	On a completely different subject, I've heard rumours of the 
dismantling of the Arpanet.  Are these true?  If so, when, and whatever will 
we do?

Thanks in advance,
- Bruce