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Re: getting a list of existing slots

    Date: Fri, 16 Sep 88 14:15:14 PST
    From: Doug Ruth <RUTH@SRI-ROBOTX.ARPA>

    Is there an easy way (e.g., an internal PCL function) to obtain a list of
    slots in a defined class?  And if so, can one obtain information on whether
    the slot has an allocation of :class or :instance, and whether it is
    inherited or local?

The generic-function CLASS-SLOTS returns a description of the slots
which are accessible in instances of a given class.  This is represented
as a list of slot description objects, each slot description object
represents one slot.

The generic-function slotd-allocation (which at some point will be
renamed to slot-description-allocation) returns the allocation of a

For example:

(defclass c1 ()
    ((foo :allocation :class)

(setq slots (pcl::class-slots (find-class 'c1)))
(#<Standard-Slot-Description FOO 482734>
 #<Standard-Slot-Description BAR 482734>)

(mapcar #'slot-allocation slots)

This functionality is all a documented part of the metaobject protocol.
Some of the names may change, but the functionality will remain.