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Re: redefining methods

    Date: Mon, 12 Sep 88 13:32:04 PDT
    From: burdorf@rand-unix.ARPA

    When debugging our CLOS-based window system, I redefine methods now an then.
    However, if I try to redefine a method that's already loaded, the system
    complains saying "Error: HIGHLIGHT-CHOSEN-ITEM already names an ordinary 
    function or a macro, it can't be converted to a generic function.
    Error signalled by LOAD-DEFMETHOD.

I can't reproduce this error here.  Certainly people redefine methods
all the time, since that is the basic programming loop.

Could you send a small test case?  

Is it possible that between the original time you defined the method and
the time you try to redefine it, you reload PCL?  That would certainly
cause this kind of weird error.  Once PCL is loaded, you should never
load it again.