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PCL on TI's

Has anyone succeeded in getting the AAAI version of PCL
up on an Explorer?  If so, we'd like to hear how you did it.

As of last week, there were at least two major bugs that prevent
successful compilation of PCL on TI Explorers.  The first is due to a
problem with the TI compiler's inability to handle a DEFSETF containing
an &REST argument.  There are a few patches floating around to correct
that problem.

The second problem appears to be due to problems in the TI-specific code
in FIN.LISP, or maybe in TI.LOW.  It occurs on the first attempt to
compile a "defmethod" form in VECTOR.LISP.  Fixing it appears to require
the services of an expert in both low-level PCL (the funcallable
instance code) and in TI internals, since all of the relevant TI functions
are prefixed with SYS:.

I am almost certain that I received a broadcast message from someone at
MIT containing a patch for this second bug.  However, no one else here
at ISI received such a message, and my mailer chose that particular
occasion to trash a few messages, including that one.  Possibly I am
hallucinating, due to overly wishful thinking.

If necessary, we'll dive in and try to fix it ourselves, but we first
want to find out if someone else can save us the trouble.

- Bob Mac Gregor