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Yes, it is truly annoying.....

	Received: by potomac.ads.com (5.59/1.18)
	 	id AA08721; Mon, 3 Oct 88 14:25:59 EDT
	Date: Mon, 3 Oct 88 14:25:59 EDT
	From: Mark D. Grover <grover@potomac.ads.com>
	To: commonloops.pa@Xerox.COM
	Subject: "incomplete" PCL definitions under Genera 7.2

	I receive the following notification for every class I define (the PCL
	test file as well as my own).  I have installed (in sources) the first
	three of the four Genera 7.2 patches posted to this mailing list.  

	Has anyone else had this occur?  Why is the compilation and load
	reported as "incomplete" by Genera?  No error is reported at
	compilation, load or make-instance time.  The notifications appear
	(one for each class) a few minutes after compilation, and at regular
	intervals thereafter.  It is truly annoying.

Yes, we have encountered this error, and we are mystified too!  SOME of
these errors seem to go away when we re-compiled, re-booted and then