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Re: PCL on TI's

    Date: Tue, 04 Oct 88 15:50:56 PST
    From: macgreg@vaxa.isi.edu

    Has anyone succeeded in getting the AAAI version of PCL
    up on an Explorer?  If so, we'd like to hear how you did it.

    As of last week, there were at least two major bugs that prevent
    successful compilation of PCL on TI Explorers.  The first is due to a
    problem with the TI compiler's inability to handle a DEFSETF containing
    an &REST argument.

I have installed this patch in the PCL sources.

    The second problem appears to be due to problems in the TI-specific code
    in FIN.LISP, or maybe in TI.LOW.  It occurs on the first attempt to
    compile a "defmethod" form in VECTOR.LISP.  

I do not have a patch for this.  If someone could send me one, or help
me develop one I would like to install it in the sources