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I like to use method combination

PCL doesn't currently support CLOS's method combination.  However, I'd
like to use another method combination type besides the standard one.

Questions :
 - Will PCL support method combination anytime soon ?  When ?
 - Has anyone tried to implement this in PCL already ?

Since those are probably both NO, I'm willing to dive in and try to
implement it but I'd like a little info/help.

My strategy is to add a method-combination slot to the
standard-generic-function class (in defs.lisp) and then modify the
appropriate function(s) in combin.lisp to generate the appropriate code.
A cursory reading of combin.lisp suggests the only function I need modify
is COMPUTE-EFFECTIVE-METHOD-BODY.  Is this reasonable ?  What is likely to
lose ?  [Of course if this wins, there will be free code for all. :-)]