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Re: duplicate messages

Read on, real content at the end.

    Date: Wed, 19 Oct 88 16:24:42 PDT
    From: Wei-Han Chu <CHU@KL.SRI.COM>

    As of late, I am consistently getting serveral duplicate copies for each
    message from the PCL mailing list.  Is this a problem for any one else?

    Date: Wed, 19 Oct 88 22:16:38 EDT
    From: fritzson@PRC.Unisys.COM

    I am also getting duplicates of SOME messages. There is no particular
    pattern that describes which messages are delivered twice. 

    Date: Wed, 19 Oct 88 23:26:58 EDT
    From: Hao Tang <tang@alpha.ARPA>

    I have also been receiving duplicated copies.  Could someone check to see
    where the problem is?

    Date: Wed, 19 Oct 88 21:02:51 PDT
    From: newton@vlsi.caltech.edu (Mike Newton)

    I, too am getting many duplicates.

    Date: Thu, 20 Oct 88 08:28:47 EDT
    From: phil@yy.cicg.rpi.edu

    I am also getting duplicates. However, not consistently, rather only
    occasionally.  The last "dupe" I got originated from jeff@aiai...  It
    seems that the messages that are delayed longer are more likely to be

    Date: Thu, 20 Oct 88 11:00:44 EDT
    From: Michael Sokolov <sokolov@a-boy.media.mit.edu>

	    I think we're all getting messages from both commonloops.PA
    and CommonLoops.PA; does this soubd right?

    Date: Thu, 20 Oct 88 11:52:31 EDT
    From: Aaron Cohn <cohn-aaron@YALE.ARPA>


Actually the person who is closest to right is phil@yy.cicg.rpi.edu.
No one mentioned the best answer which is its a bug in sendmail.
Certain entries in the mail queue get errors, and then sendmail
tries to deliver the message to everyone on the list over and over

<<comment about sendmail and its host operating system elided>>

Our mailer hackers here are working hard to fix this problem, but the
size and complexity of the CommonLoops list makes it difficult.  The
current idea for a fix will reduce the incidence with which people get
duplicate messages, but will not eliminate it completely.

Needless to say, messages about problems like this are best sent to the
CommonLoops-Request address.