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Re: some PCL patches

There is an error in my previous posting: 

>  The next thing I tried was to eliminate the use of MAKE-INDIVIDUAL-METHOD-DCODE.
>  This made the carwash program run 7 times faster!
>  I think that in KCL (and possibly in some other implementations), it is never worthwile
>  to use MAKE-INDIVIDUAL-METHOD-DCODE.  Also, in some implementations, 
>  but slower than MAKE-ALL-STD-CLASS-READERS-DCODE (which doesn't actually have
>  to call any method).
>  (defun compute-discriminator-code-1 (generic-function)
>  ...
>  	  #||
>  	  ((dolist (e combined)
>  	     (when (dolist (specl (car e))
>  		     (when (listp specl) (return 't))))
>  	     (return 't))
>  	   (make-individual-method-dcode generic-function))
>  	  ||#

I have discovered that my problems with compute-discriminator-code-1 and
make-individual-method-dcode were due to an error that I made when I applied
the patch involving compute-discriminator-code-1 and make-default-method-only-dcode
that Gregor sent to commonloops on Thu, 1 Sep 88 19:57 PDT.
Please ignore the change to compute-discriminator-code-1 that I sent out.
All of the other patches in my message are OK, and will be quite helpful
if you have KCL.