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Re: setf generic functions

   > Date: Fri, 11 Nov 88 09:23:22 PST
   > From: Warren Harris <harris%hplwhh@hplabs.hp.com>
   > Subject: Re: setf generic functions 
   > To:   Kerry Kimbrough <Kimbrough@dsg.csc.ti.com>
   > Cc:   CommonLoops.PA@Xerox.COM
   > In-Reply-To: Your message of "Thu, 10 Nov 88 18:07:36 CST."
   > Since you can say:
   > 	(defsetf foo (c &key x y) (new-value) ...)
   > in CL, I think the following would make more sense in CLOS:
   >         (DEFMETHOD (SETF foo) (new-value (c a-class) :key x y)
   >           ...)
   >         (SETF (foo object :x 5) value)
   >                          ^^^^^
   > I believe this works in AAAI PCL.
   > Warren

You're right, this is the correct setf call.  I've been informed that setf
functions are being examined not just as a CLOS issue, but as an extension
to CL
itself.  Still think the CLOS working group should publish better
for CLOS setf'ers, perhaps in some temporary form such as an appendix or