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Re: Debugging in PCL

I have written some code to enhance the Sun Symbolic Programming Environment
(SPE) 1.0 to support debugging CLOS. This includes source finding (Meta-.)
browsing of CLOS instances, class browser, integration with the window
debugger, etc. The name of the environment is Clos du Soleil, and it
is available free to people using SPE.

The code is specific to SPE, since it depends heavily on the application
framework used to build SPE, which was not written in CLOS, and so it
is not portable to other Lisps. Currently, SPE 1.0 is available running
on Lucid Common Lisp 2.1.3, and I intend to port it to 3.0 eventually.

If you are interested, send me e-mail and I'll put you in touch with
someone who can help you.