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PCL 70 times slower than Ernie with 1000 cars.

I'm sorry to report this sad fact, but Bruce Florman  requested that I do
a comparison between ERNIE and PCL with 1000 cars on the carwash simulation.

The timings I got were as follows:

8/28/88 (beta rev 1) AAAI PCL  running under Allegro on a SUN 3/60:

cpu time (non-gc) 4198300 msec user, 4966 msec system
cpu time (gc)     673450 msec user, 734 msec system
cpu time (total)  4871750 msec user, 5700 msec system
real time  4932560 msec

ERNIE on a SUN 3/60:

runtime=63070    (the time is in milliseconds)

The timings were about the same for both ERNIE and PCL with 20 cars,
but with 1000 cars, there is no comparision.  ERNIE is 78.2077 times

I realize that this is not the final version of PCL.  I hope that 
this major performance gap can be narrowed in the future.