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Re: PCL 70 times slower than Ernie with 1000 cars.

How about giving us some theories as to why PCL is so much slower than
ERNIE with 1000 cars (is that a K-car?) when they are about the same for
smaller cases...

I know very well that the PCL implementation of the carwash program
conses like mad and, at least on symbolics-related systems, large numbers
of cars tend to lead to a better measure of paging & gc speed than
processing speed.  It makes me very suspicious of comparisons between
ernie and pcl when ernie spends 0 time in gc.  Is Allegro CL one of the
faster versions of CL (I take it that Ernie is not Allegro based)? How
about the Allegro PCL port relative to other ports? Inquiring minds want
to know!