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Re: Debugging in PCL

For those of you using Envos (nee Xerox) Lisp, PCL comes with a file or two
that define some useful environment hacks.

> Methods and class are understood by the SourceManager.  Methods are named
(<g-f-name> qualifier ... (specializer ...)).

> Backtrace shows methods and generic-functions, not the raw gibberish that
is "really" there.  Selecting a method from the backtrace window will let
you edit that method.

> The inspector knows about objects, and shows the slots & values instead
of the "real" structure of the objects.  The inspector computes the slots
and values via generic-functions, so you can specialize what is shown in
the inspector.

> (ed '<g-f-name>) will prompt you to select a particular method on the
generic-function, saving a lot of typing.

I'm sure there's some other stuff, but I can't remember it right now.

----- smL