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Re: PCL 70 times slower than Ernie with 1000 cars.

As has been mentioned, this "benchmark" is not particularly enlightening.

PCL runs faster than CommonObjects, some workstation implementations of Flavors,
and the Strobe KR language. In the case of Strobe, between 1 and 2 orders
of magnitude speedup were obtained by rewriting it on top of the metaobject
protocol. For the CommonObjects numbers, see my paper in the 87 OOPSLA
Proceedings. For Flavors, measure it in your favorite vendor's implementation.
But please stop comparing it to a system which is not widely available, and
won't ever be, from the looks of it.

The point about declarations is valid, however. There should be some way
of declaring that the parameters to a particular generic function invocation
are limited to a particular set of classes, though a sufficiently smart
compiler (when, oh when will one appear?) can infer this information to
a degree.