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Problems getting PCL up under KCl/IBCL...

   Date: Sat, 26 Nov 88 16:47 PST
   From: Gregor.pa@Xerox.COM

       Date: Mon, 21 Nov 88 14:31:25 est
       From: bettingr@cs.Buffalo.EDU (Keith E. Bettinger)

       I have been having trouble getting PCL up under KCl/IBCL, and am
       hoping that I can get some help.

       The files compile all right, but when I load the file "test.lisp" into
       it, one test fails and one test bombs upon loading.

   Ignore these problems with the test.lisp file.  Your pcl is actually
   working pretty well.  [ ... ]

``Pretty well'' is not very reassuring.  What is the difference
between ``running'' and ``running pretty well''?!

I can understand ignoring the fact that test.lisp bombs.  But do you
really think I should ignore the fact that the "built-in-class-of"
test failed outright?

Can you be more specific please?  Thank you.

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