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Re: CLOS timetable

    Date: Tue, 6 Dec 88 21:12:07 PST
    From: sotos@sumex-aim.stanford.edu (John Sotos)

    What is the best estimate of when the CLOS standard will
    be finalized?

As you know, Chapters 1 and 2 have been accepted by the X3J13 committee,
and so those are now out of the hands of the CLOS subcommittee.  It is
important to keep in mind that X3J13 has not voted on a draft of the
entire ANSI Common Lisp language yet, so it is possible that X3J13 will
make minor changes in those chapters.  I would say that such changes are
extremely unlikely.  I think you can safely consider document 88-002R
(as published in SIGPLAN notices and soon to appear in LAFP) to be the
final version of chapters 1 and 2.

We are still working on chapter 3.  We promised the X3J13 committee that
we would give them a draft of chapter 3 to vote on at the January 16th
meeting.  We will be mailing a draft to the X3J13 committee on December
15th.  Between December 15th and the January 16th, we will continue to
work on that draft.  But the changes we will make in that period will be
to improve presentation and fix bugs.  I expect the full X3J13 committee
will be able to vote on chapter 3 in Hawaii.  It is possible that there
will be some minor changes that will need to be made after the Hawaii
meeting.  These changes could be handled as part of the normal editorial
process for the entire ANSI Common Lisp language.  Such a change would
of course have to get the approval of the full X3J13 committee at a
later meeting.

So, you can expect chapter 3 to be essentially finalized in mid January.