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Cute PCL in KCl

I got the new PCL up in KCl of June 3, 1987 (what's the October 15 ed?
utexas still has the June 3 version for ftp) on a vax running 4.2 BSD
without any problems other than:

1. "make-keyword" in the turbo-closure patch had to be replaced with
2. I take it this time 'IBCL does NOT have to be pushed onto *features*
3. pkg.o didn't know about *exports* but did when I recompiled it
   (very mysterious)
4. KCl loads "init" on startup and so init.lsp had to be renamed
5. my KCl failed on the type of #(2,1) in the test file (an old KCl bug
   which has, I think, been fixed?)

One other thing: is there some way to prevent PCl from compiling constructors,
must they be compiled at all? The KCl compiler, as is known, is the slowest
in the world and we don't like compiling things on the fly unless we have
important phone calls to make or whatever. 

Now if only I can figure out how to make music with this thing.


Eliot Handelman
Music Dept, Princeton U.